TABO 首款小型自主机器人



TABO于2016年2月推出,这是一款针对iPad Pro 设计的,能够与触摸屏同步的世界首款小型自主式机器人。当我们环顾四周,会发现,周围的人们都沉浸于各式屏幕,当孩子们看到大人们无时无刻在面对他们的平板或智能手机的时候,他们也会自然地去模仿。许多孩子酷爱网游,然而他们体验的只是屏幕里的虚拟世界,逐渐丧失了社交的能力。我们希望用TABO来改变现状。TABO是平板电脑上的一个摸得到的小朋友,他就在您身边,可以陪您游戏,陪您学习。它可以帮助您将屏幕内的虚拟世界和屏幕外的真实世界联系起来。


TABO is a tiny autonomous robot designed for iPad Pro:

image (5)

TABO’s movement id controlled by Bluetooth LE communication from a external terminal.

image (7)

By touching the screen with 3 legs,TABO can inform iPad Pro of own position and direction


As combining these two technologies,a screen is changed in accordance with TABO’s movement,and TABO is moved in accordance with change of a screen,therefore, various unique contents can be realized.

image (6)


Hack the TABO:It comes with the SDK written in Swift and Objective-C.Please bring out potential of TABO with your creative inspiration.

image (4)

Daly tool:Moreover, you can develop everyday use apps.For example, the photos that you posted on Instagram,TABO carries and shows you like a slideshow.

image (3)

Digital education:Digital teaching materials are boring if inside of screens only,but working with TABO, a real robot,
it’s more fun and enjoyable learning experience

.image (2)







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