Oomi 智能家居



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Oomi Cam is the ultimate security accessory. It contains a siren, sound detection, and night vision, just to name a few of its features. It’s also weatherized so that you can put it anywhere inside or outside your home.


Light affects the way we feel. Set Bulb to a forest green or songbird blue to change the atmosphere of a room. Wake up naturally with Bulb’s gradual sunrise effect or relax after a long day with a warm sunset hue.


Plug is the easy way to turn an outlet into a smart outlet. Control a hard to reach lamp wirelessly or monitor the energy consumption of your appliances. Best of all, Plug has a USB port on the side to charge your devices without taking up an outlet.


Oomi LED Strip is the ultimate aesthetics enhancer. Put them under your bed or behind a cabinet to illuminate a room. Set your lighting to a dim lust red, or a powerful midnight blue. Strip is 9 feet long and trimmable so that you make it shorter if you need.


MultiSensor gives you more insight into what is going on inside of your home by detecting motion, temperature, light, UV rays, vibrations, and humidity. It can notify you if something suspicious happens or turn on your lights when you enter a room.


Improve your security by knowing when doors and windows are opened or closed. Put it on cabinets containing valuable or dangerous items to keep them safe. Have your pantry lights set to come on as soon as you open the door.


What if you could know about a flood before it was a problem? Now you can. Place Water Sensor under a leaky sink or in a flood-prone basement to get notified whenever water is around. You can also use Water Sensor to monitor the water level of a tank.



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